Rami Webhi is one of those rare polymaths in medicine that is able to serve patients, understand clinical research, and innovate on the enterprise and business side of healthcare. If the traditional physician-scholar worked “bench to bedside,” Rami has pioneered from “bedside to web-side.” In this far-ranging interview, we talk about digital therapeutics in healthcare, the unique role physicians can play, the future of healthcare technology, and his own journey to compelling podcast host.

In this interview, Rami and I talk about one of the biggest challenges for companies in digital health, which is that they need to find a way to bridge the gap between technology and clinical practice. This can be difficult, but it important that companies are able to communicate with their patients in a way that is transparent and understandable. He discusses how physicians can lead teams in digital health and help identify the right technology solutions for their patients. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to him on Twitter or email!

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 07:56] – Opening segment

Dr. Rusha introduces Rami Webhi DO!

The shift in healthcare towards digital health

Non-physician leaders are building health companies

Remote patient monitoring will be the next big thing in digital health

[07:57 – 27:48] – The Future of Medicine is Telemedicine

Telemedicine is a way to connect with doctors and patients remotely, often for medical advice or tests

Consumer-centric trend in digital health

Patients’ shift towards becoming payers and consumers of healthcare

The trend of direct primary care

Patients will need to pay for better quality healthcare

Innovative companies in digital health

How the digital health landscape is changing and how physicians are feeling about the future

A shortage of physicians

A problem with training new physicians

Shorten medical school and residency programs

[27:49 – 45:17] – The Role of Technology With Future Healthcare

How technology is changing the way care is delivered and how this is causing anxiety among trainees

The pressure on students to get good grades and match it into residency

Trainees should be coding

Theranos Scandal

How to protect oneself from scams in digital health

Patients have more control over their health and the government subsidizes care

[45:18 – 50:07] – Closing Segment

Remote patient monitoring is the future

Rami’s organization is open to collaboration with others, and encourages listeners to visit Beyond Medicine!

Connect with Rami Webhi DO at his:

Website: Beyond Medicine

LinkedIn: Rami Webhi DO

Instagram: Rami Webhi DO

Podcast: Beyond Medicine


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Tweetable Quotes:

Rami Webhi, DO – “I’m really passionate about building digital health, and I’m really passionate about getting our colleagues, specifically physicians, involved with, digital health and being part of the leadership teams.”

Rami Webhi, DO – “We want to be part of innovation. We all want to be part of building this next thing, but there’s not really a lot of knowledge of how to get into industry or how to position yourself to be one of those doctors.”

Dr. Rusha Modi – “Clinicians need to understand. Technology is a major disruptive force that they need to leverage.”

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