In this episode, Rusha interviews Praveen Suthrum, Praveen is the healthcare whisperer. A well-known thought leader on the GI business industry, he has become the go to figure to predict the headwinds of the future of healthcare. His insights and interviews on digital health, business consolidation in the industry, and the implications of emerging medical technology are must reads. In this episode, we talk about all these topics and more and you’ll learn Praveen’s breakdown of the fundamental forces reshaping modern healthcare.

NextServices is a company provides a platform that practices need to thrive while facing tougher reimbursements, higher operating costs and increased regulation. Under his leadership, the company developed a cloud-based GI EHR and endoscopy report writer called enki. He has an engineering degree from Manipal Institute of Technology and an MBA from University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. He also completed the Exponential Medicine program at Singularity University. Additionally, he studied sculpture at the New York Studio School and music at Trinity Laban.

He serves on the board of Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Centre, one of the largest VC-funded diabetic chains in India. Previously, he served as the Chairman of the Michigan-Ross Alumni Board of Governors. Praveen is based in Mumbai and the New York region.

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 07:45] – Opening segment

Rush introduces Praveen Suthrum!

He discusses exponential technologies are doubling in productivity and reducing in cost, impact healthcare gastroenterology especially

Business consolidation is happening across all sectors of healthcare, driven by private equity

Patient behavior is shifting away from relying on physicians to tell patients what to do, and towards finding information on their own

[07:46 – 19:29] – 

Praveen Private equity-led consolidation is one of the forces physicians are most worried about

Other forces that physicians are worried about include pressure from insurance companies and local healthcare systems

The trend on non-invasive screening becoming more popular is a force that physicians are concerned about

It leads to decreased access to colonoscopies

He discusses the role of physician is changing

[19:30 – 27:08] – 

Praveen believes that physicians are the most brilliant people on the planet

Abundant mindset versus Scarcity mindset

He points out the disruption happening in healthcare

Unbundling of services to push back against the existing healthcare system

[27:09 – 41:08] – The Politicizing of the Public-School Sector

Praveen says that COVID, has allowed physicians to reflect on their role in healthcare

Burnout is a common issue among physicians

Better patient education as opposed to technology

AI’s role in healthcare

Patients need to be engaged in order for healthcare to change

[41:09 – 51:15] – Closing Segment

Praveen discusses how change is difficult to come by, but it has to happen now

Connect with Praveen at her website, get her book:,,,!


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Tweetable Quotes:

Praveen Suthrum – “If you want a different system and if you want to step up, and if that is important enough for you, then you will learn the skills that you need to learn in order to make the change.”

Praveen Suthrum – “The answer lies in better patient education and awareness as a society.”

Rusha Modi – “The unique thing in healthcare that you’ve been very, very articulate about is this balancing act between needing to enhance the efficiency and the productivity and the effectiveness on a business level, which healthcare has struggled with dramatically historically, while also maintaining this sort of patient-centered care delivery mindset where people are not just consumers and physicians are not just providers.”

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